Powersupplies for Siemens Hipath 33XX/35XX

  • Item No. Description L-Number System type
    S30122-K5660-A300/M300 Power supply UPSC-D L30251-U600-A326 Hipath 3350 and 3550
    S30122-K5660-M900/X900 Power supply UPSC-DR   Hipath 3300 and 3500
    S30122-H5660-X300 Power supply manufacturer: Astec, Model: AA23560, Input: 100 - 240V, Output: U1: 5,1V, 8A, U2: -48V, 1,1A, U3: 75/69 Vrms, 8 VA  
    S30122-H7373-A900 Netzteil UPSC-DR   Hipath 3300 und 3500, Input: 100 -240V, 2.5A MAX, 50/60 Hz Output: 128.6w MAX. U1: +5.1CV 8A MAX U2: -48V 1.1A MAX U3: 76/89 Vrms 8 VA MAX 54V 0.5A MAX, 211,3W MAX U1: +5.1V 8A MAX U2: -54.2V 2.5A MAX U3: 75/89 Vrms 8 VA MAX 54V 0,5 A MAX
  • Powersupplies for Hipath 33XX/35XX
    Powersupplies for Hipath 33XX/35XX

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